Beautiful floor lamp vintage model Discount !!

Beautiful floor lamp vintage model theme spotlight

Beautiful floor lamp vintage model theme spotlight

Three Stars
The metal is more silver than nickel.

Product Features

  • Nickel Finish Spotlight
  • Total height 96.5 centimeters / 38 inches
  • Tripod measures : 74 cm/ 29 inches

Product descriptions
Description : This lamp is made using ships head light design mounted on floor stand / tripod

Beautiful article , you can focus any item with its dim light spot like any painting , Bar etc.

we have used brass , aluminum and wood in its manufacturing

Classic home decoration article /

It will be come along with respective country standard wiring and will be working on 40 W, 60 W , 100 W bulb

This does not contain light bulb because of safety measures, you will need standard screwed bulb to use along with the lamp

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