Emile Henry 24 cm Fondue Promo Offer

Emile Henry 24 cm Fondue Set, Black

Emile Henry 24 cm Fondue Set, Black

Excellent Quality product
Makes an excellent fondue, the heat dispersion is very even, and the pot is very durable and so easy to clean.

Product Features

  • ceramic fondue pot
  • 2.50L
  • burner stand
  • burner
  • set of six forks

Product descriptions
Description : This excellent quality Emile Henry Flame Fondue Set - Black or Noir, suitable for cheese fondue or chocolate is made from the "Flame" exceptionally strong ceramic - the first EVER ceramic pot that can withstand direct heat. 2.5L 24cm diameter 18.5cm total height - pot is 8cm Ceramic Black or Noir glaze Black coated, metal fondue stand Comes with x 6 stainless steel fondue forks Adjustable burner Uses either liquid fuel or standard fondue fuel gel Cheese fondues are traditionally prepared in a ceramic pot, first been rubbed with garlic. The fondue is prepared in the kitchen on the hob, then brought to the table and put on the burner. Ceramic pots are ideal as they gently diffuse heat so the cheese remains thick and smooth and does not burn. Why Emil Henry Flame? Can be used directly on any hob except induction - the first ceramic pot EVER to withstand direct heat Use any utensil without scratching Easy to clean with its very strong glaze Light and easy to handle Oven proof to 250 C Mi...

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